Friday, July 19, 2013

Die Cut the Shape of Your Printing Visions

Bust out of that typical rectangle and let Publicide die-cut your calling card into any shape you dare. 
When your printing vision calls for high-end customization, die cutting is your secret weapon. Nothing stands out from the business card deck like a thick slice of cardstock personalized with a perfectly smooth rounded edge or eyecatching cutout. Invitations alchemize into statement pieces with wild-card custom border shapes; business cards get figurative with bespoke shapes; paper coasters go baroque with elegant scalloped edging.

Flaunt dangerous curves, make supple rounds and shed excess corners by teasing the sublime out of the surface. Puncture at specific places to make your point, or outline what your business is all about by creating a custom object silhouette. No need to break a sweat: Publicide’s die-cutting workout will turn heads.

Perfect set of 4 die cut rounded corners with gold foil on ultra heavy black stock

A single die cut sloped corner helps push this extra thick business card forward
 Letterpress and gold foil party invitations elevate to keepsake status with splashy, graphic custom die cutting
Duplexed paper gets a perfect die-cut circle with the subtlest scalloped edge for a classic offset printed coaster
 A foil-stamped kraft business card die-cut in the shape of a luggage tag shows you what this travel writer is all about

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